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If you want to share your experience in preventing dropout in your school or local area, please let us know or upload it directly to the repository.

Inspiring Examples on How to Tackle with Early School Leaving in Schools

Early school leaving (ESL) is a complex issue which is related to education and training and might related to the students’ personal and family challenges, learning difficulties or the school climate, school leadership model and last but not least the relation among teachers and students. All of us know the fact, that leaving school before finishing upper secondary education has long-term negative socio-economic consequences both at personal and social level.

In order to identify the problem in time and prevent pupils leaving school before getting their upper secondary degree, lot need to be done. Although there are both high level policies and at the same time good examples, methods at practical levels, the latter ones mostly remain within the schools’ walls. Nevertheless, the challenges and the risk factors that schools face with are mostly the same within Europe, the remedy methods are various.

But real examples and ideas of teachers, school leaders, service providers in the field of education and training can inspire others in tackling with similar problems. So these practices are worth sharing! The challenges which result in early school leaving are mostly absenteeism, boredom during lessons, bullying, decline in school achievements, change in attitude and behaviour, grade repetition… etc.

Colleagues at schools, especially teachers and school leaders do the lion’s share of identifying students at risk and prevent their leave before graduation. That’s why their experiences, methods can be inspiring to colleagues in Europe and they can find new ideas, perspectives.

Share your school or classroom example, methodology, technique or cooperation to motivate other teachers, school directors and colleagues who try to put the students (back) on board.

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