Interactive Statistics and Country profiles

Country profiles is an interactive application mainly for policy makers and/or a kind of ‘playground’ for researchers. It allows comparison of countries by providing a dynamically configurable compilation of dataset and charts. Moreover it contains ESL related statistics and comparable data, provide short descriptions about national systems’ most relevant facts and a glossary that helps understanding the indicators. It can support the educational administration staff members as well (local authorities, child protection authorities, pedagogical service providers, municipalities, school government, local policy makers, service providers etc.) to get quickly a comprehensive overview about other ESL related indicators and variables. Data visualization is supported by short explanations. The added description on relevant country’s background characteristics and on its educational system is enable users (e.g. good practice readers) to understand better the ESL context.

The application is problem-oriented that means it does not focus specifically on the statistics of early school leaving by different variables (e.g. gender, age etc.), but it shows in one place that the low qualification problem is associated with other educational and social statistical information.


  • short infographics by countries
  • selection pairs or groups of indicators to show one chart
  • selection 3-4 countries and 1-2 variables to show in one chart
  • glossary
  • maps, charts, diagrams, time series data
ESLplus - European Learning Space on Early School Leaving

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