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Online portal for knowledge sharing and Association for Dropout Prevention in Europe (ADPE)

Early school leaving (ESL) has been recognised as a pressing concern all across Europe for many years, with its severe social and economic consequences. European countries have been discussing possible solutions at individual, institutional and policy levels. We learned that there is a desperate need for immediate practical help in the frontline, and professionalization of the combat against ESL.

The European ESL-Platform and Support Services (ESLplus) project – funded by the European Commission – focuses on inviting experts, relevant institutions, and professionals at policy levels to found a Europe wide network called the Association for Dropout Prevention in Europe. It works together to reduce the extent of ESL. Therefore, the main intension of the initiative is to pool knowledge and experience by a user friendly online portal for knowledge sharing. The common goal is to enable students to complete their secondary studies successfully. A great deal of specialised knowledge and expertise has been accumulated on prevention, intervention and compensation for early school leaving. It is our shared responsibility to work together to safeguard students at risk.


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