Pilot programmes

A one year pilot of the methodological framework is carried out by testing it through specific professional programmes in different ways in the partner countries. The process is continuously monitored and evaluated on the basis of pre-defined success and evaluation criteria. 

The pilot projects in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Latvia each involve an innovative policy experimentation by means of adapting the methodological framework that is accompanied by evaluation and monitoring of the process and its outcomes as follows:


This pilot includes experimenting with an online learning space for teachers to facilitate knowledge sharing and networking. The Digital Methodology Resource Pool of TPF will be extended to an interactive learning space, in which users can create learning communities, share methods, resources and ideas with a view to facilitating the collaborative learning of their students in the classroom.

Czech Republic:

The Czech pilot involves exploring how mentoring can contribute to facilitating collaborative processes at all levels including professional collaborations in the school, between schools and at the level of initial teacher training. This will be tested through mentor training, the development of mentor competency profiles and by bringing together groups of mentors and mentees in a collaborative context.


Building a school-community partnership in itself is an innovative form of collaboration that will be further developed in order to enhance professional collaboration at a local level between different stakeholders to take into account and exploit students’ wider learning environment including their out-of-school learning activities.

ESLplus - European Learning Space on Early School Leaving

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