Absenteeism as the most important early distress signal – why is it that so indicative? 

Absenteeism especially its unjustified form is seen as the most indicative early distress signal of a later dropout all over Europe. It is so important partly because it is easy to be followed up and measured by each student while well-targeted interventions can be built on it as well. For this reason its follow up, punishment and documentation are clearly regulated by the low, its sometimes financial consequences are as well legally controlled. Another reason behind its importance is the fact that the higher the rate of absenteeism the higher the chance for a dropout as well, which was proved by researches too.  Estimation from the USA gave exact numbers for this correlation. According to the experts it is already clear at the very beginning of high school who is a potential dropout: if a student misses more than a week time during the first semester, he or she won’t attain a high school degree, with a very high probability. 

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ESLplus - European Learning Space on Early School Leaving

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