classroom management


  • Bullying

    Physical or emotional bullying, on site or virtual harassment is one of the distress signals that may indicate the danger of students dropping out. Identification of this signal is not always easy as actions rarely take place in class or in the presence of teachers, adults. Therefore this tool is aiming at getting information from students.

  • Creating a classroom code of conduct

    Procedure for formulating a code of conduct in the classroom.

  • Effective Communication Strategies for Teachers/Mentors

    Appropriate communication strategies are consciously and cautiously planned, adapted and chosen along the communicator’s aims, the other person perceived needs and the circumstances. The communication has verbal or written forms and adjoining non-verbal communication signs, with rules and steps of the communication strategy.

  • Make one step forward – group exercise

    The exercise can be used in any class or in any student group or in team building process for the following purposes: getting to know and understand the students/team members; developing empathy for other people; building group cohesion; developing the feeling of acceptance and understanding in the group; recognizing and understanding the reasons for deviated and/or extreme behavior; to help understand the personal...

  • Weekly group discussion instead of form master class

    Weekly group discussion is a way to observe and identify distress signals connected to behaviour as soon as possible.

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