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Tempus Public Foundation (TPF) is a non-profit organization established in 1996 by the Hungarian Government, with the task of managing international cooperation programmes and special projects in the field of education, training and EU-related issues.

The Knowledge Centre of TPF is dedicated to promote the achievement of the EU2020 strategic goals through its research and development activities and projects and by organizing trainings and various events for a wide range of target groups.

Knowledge of the EU policy and strategic framework in E&T

As the National Agency of the Erasmus+ (earlier: LLP) programme and through the projects and activities of the Knowledge Centre, TPF could acquire broad theoretical knowledge about the EU policies of all levels of education and also the educational aspects of the concerning fields, like social policy, economy, etc. Besides this, through the core activities mentioned above, TPF has the duty, network, capacity and motivation to get updated knowledge and information of the current EU recommendations on policy level and also their possible implementation to local level, synchronized with the national educational policies.

The organization’s core activities and functions include and require an extensive knowledge of EU educational policies, policy priorities, promoting the concept of the knowledge-based society, improving the communication and cooperation between educational institutions and labour market, creating fora and facilitate discussion between the parties involved on national, regional and local level in the field of making transparent, permeable and accessible the qualifications system.

The Knowledge Centre has a wide experience in executing policy experiments and local/international projects. Based on all those experiments, the Knowledge Centre also participates in the drafting of policy recommendations on both regional and international levels.

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