Future of Learning Initiative

Future of Learning Initiative

The concept of the Future of Learning Initiative (FLI) is about supporting everyday pedagogical practice with digital tools and collaborative learning for teachers. In this space, teachers collaborate with other teachers, learn from one another and reflect on their own practices together, and for this process, our organisation provides a collaborative environment. We, at the Tempus Public Foundation (TPF) believe that pedagogy will become even more effective not by digital tools but by educators' thinking, the key to change is always the educators themselves and this is confirmed by all major international research as well as policy recommendations.

The concept of FLI was created in 2018. Managing the largest collection of Digital Methodology Repository in the country (with over 500 tested, excellent pedagogical ideas with expert evaluations), as well as the comprehensive Digital Space initiative and trainings and projects of the TPF for other educators, we have wide access to thousands of teachers in the country. Exploiting our networking opportunities, we have created the Future of Learning MOOC, which has become the largest massive open online course for teachers in the Carpathian Basin, with 1,500 participants per year and have reached teachers and educators in over 10 countries. The know-how and KM experience accumulated in this MOOC have helped us to support Hungarian-speaking teachers from other countries: in 2020, we implemented large-scale in-service online training for nearly 1,000 Hungarian teachers in Romania within the FLI. Thus, the number of people reached in the FLI altogether has already exceeded 6,000.

With the FLI, we have been able to raise KM principles as well as practices that have been accumulated for more than a decade to a European level, and also set the goal of further internationalising the FLI.


  • Organisational website: https://tka.hu/english
  • Knowledge Centre (part of the Tempus Public Foundation) purposes and results, included the FLI: http://oktataskepzes.tka.hu/en/key-activities
  • Article on Future of Learning MOOC (2019) (only Hungarian): https://tka.hu/hir/12105/21-szazadi-tudast-szerezhettek-a-tanarok
  • Article on Future of Learning MOOC (2020) (only Hungarian): https://tka.hu/hir/13985/tanarokkal-kozosen-epitjuk-a-tanulas-jovojet
  • Article on Future of Learning in Romania (2020): https://tka.hu/hir/14507/a-tanulas-jovoje-online-kurzus-a-bolyai-nyari-akademian

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