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Tempus launched a new ESL project - ESLPlus 2016.11.17

Tempus Public Foundation - collaborated with other European partners - has launched a new ESL (early school leaving) project, called European ESL-Platform (ESLplus).

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Tempus presents the 4-language CroCooS website 2016.11.02

The Tempus Public Foundation proudly presents the 4-language CroCooS website to the public.

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CroCooS project website has been renewed 2016.10.19

New tools, new features and functions in the new website. Visit us and get a relevant content to prevent dropout!

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A new policy brief was published by Eurydice 2015.07.16

Tackling Early Leaving from Education and Training in Europe: Strategies, Policies and Measures

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Education and training projects - Featured topics

The Knowledge Centre of Tempus Public Foundation supports the interpretation, adaptation and implementation of European educational objectives and priorities in the Hungarian educational context with a variety of activities. In order to promote cross-sectoral co-operation, our activities are organised around the following topics:

ESLplus - European Learning Space on Early School Leaving

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