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Tackling Early Leaving from Education and Training in Europe: Strategies, Policies and Measures

This Eurydice Brief provides a summary of the joint Eurydice/Cedefop report Tackling Early Leaving from Education and Training in Europe: Strategies, Policies and Measures, which has a focus on general education at school level. The original report, published in November 2014, was prepared at a time of growing policy attention at both national and European levels.

It is based on the key policy messages laid down in the final report of the Thematic Working Group on Early School Leaving under the auspices of the European Commission, entitled Reducing Early School Leaving: Key Messages and Policy support (European Commission, 2013).

This Brief focuses on the areas within general education on which policy-makers can have the most direct influence. Short case studies provide examples of comprehensive, evidence-based policies to combat early leaving and support student learning.


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ESLplus - European Learning Space on Early School Leaving

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