Tempus launched a new ESL project - ESLPlus

Tempus Public Foundation - collaborated with other European partners - has launched a new ESL (early school leaving) project, called European ESL-Platform (ESLplus).

The ESL Plus project focuses on inviting experts, relevant institutions, and professionals at policy levels to found a Europe wide network called the Association for Dropout Prevention in Europe.

The Association will offer professional support to combat ESL for teacher educators and school leaders; close collaboration and connection with other experts and networks at national and international levels for experts and relevant projects, organisations; connection with experts and organisations at national and international levels as members of the same network for international and policy-level professionals.

 If you are interested in getting support from the Association, or becoming a member of it, and using the portal in the future, please fill in our short questionnaire.

It will help us send you relevant information that you need and are interested in. We would also encourage you to recommend us other experts, organisations who you think could be potential contributors, members or end-users. Members of our staff will then contact the experts and organisations that you recommended to discuss our possible cooperation in more detail with them.

ESL PLUS project would synthetize those massive amount of knowledge, research results, information and good practices that exist in the different countries and has never been collected and systemized before to efficiently support European, national, regional or local policy making and concerned practiotioners. The project is supported by the European Commission, its goal is to set up a Europe wide organization, the Association for Dropout Prevention in Europe (ADPE) and an on-line platform, the ESL-Platform which is devoted to provide space for the systemized collection of knowledge and target group tailored, dynamic sharing (upload, download, discussing, social networking etc.) of information and supporting materials and services.

The Association with the help of the Platform could gain and provide in-depth knowledge on ESL related groups and operate an effective methodology and tool that help transmitting information of quality (good and best practices on ESL) for frontline practitioners, experts, related organizations and policy makers at all levels.

Please, look at the project leaflet  for further information.

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ESLplus - European Learning Space on Early School Leaving

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