CroCooS project website has been renewed

New tools, new features and functions in the new website. Visit us and get a relevant content to prevent dropout!

CroCooS project website has been renewed with contribution of consortium partners of the CroCooS project.

With the support of the national coordinators (NC), the FSZK, the NC in Hungary has reviewed almost every tools in the Toolkit and has been uploaded to the website recent weeks.

New contents, events and descriptions could be found also in the Overview menu. You can learn more about evaluation of CroCooS project or the planned policy recommendation by visiting the Overview sidemenu.

The Guidelines texts and features are also renewed mainly in outfit and functional way.

It is worth to visit the Resource Pool elements as well because it has become more transparent and it can be browsed between contents more easily.

Visit us and get a relevant content to achieve dropout prevention in your school!

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