trusting relationship


  • Building rapport

    Building rapport is the first step in supporting students at risk, to develop a helping relationship with them, to realize helping discussions and to achieve results in their personal development.

  • Communication basics – Teacher mentoring student

    Effective communication between teachers and students means more than just talking to each other. It involves constant development of trusting relationships and special conversation and listening skills, giving appropriate constructive feedback, being aware of our own nonverbal language. It is also based on well-established role and relationship boundaries.

  • Helping discussion

    Helping discussion with students is one of the key elements of person development process. The main aim is to support students individually in finding their own answers to their difficulties in their life and learning. But how will be a discussion helping?

  • Make one step forward – group exercise

    The exercise can be used in any class or in any student group or in team building process for the following purposes: getting to know and understand the students/team members; developing empathy for other people; building group cohesion; developing the feeling of acceptance and understanding in the group; recognizing and understanding the reasons for deviated and/or extreme behavior; to help understand the personal...

  • Weekly group discussion instead of form master class

    Weekly group discussion is a way to observe and identify distress signals connected to behaviour as soon as possible.

  • Wish my teacher knew…

    This tool should be used for teachers to meet the students and in developing trust and understanding between teacher and student.

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