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Cooperating partners in supporting and keeping at risk students

How to make social map that is how to collect possible partners from out of school in order to support jointly at risk student.

The word map in the first place implies a geographical map, whereon the support institutions and support possibilities in a particular region. Those institutions and professionals are often listed in almanacs or address pointers. A social map provides an overview of the institutions and organizations in areas such as welfare, health care, (social) services. A social map indicates for whom the institutions are intended (target groups) and describes the process (activities, target).

What is the function of a social map?

A social map plays a role in the assistance supply of a school. Sometimes parents put in a request for help. The parents might expect parenting/raising/upbringing tips from the school. The moment that parents want to ask for help then it will be convenient that the school has an overview of all aid opportunities nearby. A social map is in practice usually not a real map, but a list with a clear and short information and possible brochures of the institutions that provide assistance. There are health authorities and there are also many private initiatives such as social workers /educationalists / psychologists /pedagogues.

The social map is a list of all organizations and institutions that deal with care in special education, especially primary and secondary education.

In any stage of the assistance process - diagnosis, planning, evaluation, follow-up care – new institutions might be involved. They are active in the area of benefits, subsidies, child care, education and training, psychiatric, health and addiction care, social work, debt or legal aid. In addition all kinds of interest groups and patient organizations, funding organizations might be in focus and other specific service providers.

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