cross-sectoral cooperation

Resource Pool


  • Cooperating partners in supporting and keeping at risk students

    How to make social map that is how to collect possible partners from out of school in order to support jointly at risk student.

  • Cross-sectoral cooperation – mapping up partnerships, building cooperation

    Preventing early school leaving and leading back students to education is not only a task of the school. For a complex solution the mapping of peer-professions is necessary. Beyond formal institutions NGO-s, formal and informal groups could also be involved and contributed. Collection of information is a continuous process; while cooperation has to be based on the actual needs.

  • Partners’ Roundtable

    Many assistance oriented institutions and organizations deal with the problems of families or children at the same time. The parallel demands are rarely joined up, require higher energy input and have inefficient impact. The school can increase its resources for the interests of the children concerned, involving the organizations and representatives of institutions working around the school.

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