Early warning systems

How to describe an early warning system? 

Early warning system is a broad term for all the systems, actions and programs that aim to identify early distress signals and provide timely intervention to tackle early leaving from education. 

The Thematic Working Group on Early School Leaving of the European Commission was responsible for policy level improvement based on the studies of member states’ practice and policy regarding this issue, between 2011-2013. The working group, built up from the governmental and non-governmental experts of member states, conducted surveys on current practices and collected information on the states. It concluded there is no such a country with a perfectly complex early warning system and there are remarkable differences in the aspects which considered the most important in each country. Furthermore systems are different in terms of organization of early warning system: it can be part of the mainstream education system or a separate area dedicated only for this issue. For the majority of the countries it is part of the mainstream. 

For more information and  content, please, download the following summary.

ESLplus - European Learning Space on Early School Leaving

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