distress signals


  • Bullying

    Physical or emotional bullying, on site or virtual harassment is one of the distress signals that may indicate the danger of students dropping out. Identification of this signal is not always easy as actions rarely take place in class or in the presence of teachers, adults. Therefore this tool is aiming at getting information from students.

  • Following absenteeism

    Absenteeism is one of the distress signals that indicates that students are at risk and are potential drop outs. The tool helps to register the number of classes missed by individual students and to select the students with most missed classes on school level.

  • Points of view

    It is a way to observe, follow and identify distress signals connected to behaviour as soon as possible.

  • Storytelling

    Short storytelling movies with early school leavers and students who had attended second chance schools or programmes. Beliefs, imaginations, opinions, stereotypes about early school leavers and student attitudes to their own situation in school can be revealed by talking about the movie.

  • Tool for screening risk of dropout

    This tool should be used by teachers and schools in the process of identifying and monitoring students at risk of dropping out.

  • Well targeted data collection to prevent dropout

    The present tool describes the most important data that supposed to be gathered specifically as part of a dropout prevention activity. Collecting data is a process that goes along the student’s school career from his or her entry till his or her graduation or dropout or shift to another school. The following short introduction will show some reasons why to collect and monitor data in the school.

  • Wish my teacher knew…

    This tool should be used for teachers to meet the students and in developing trust and understanding between teacher and student.

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