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Following absenteeism

Absenteeism is one of the distress signals that indicates that students are at risk and are potential drop outs. The tool helps to register the number of classes missed by individual students and to select the students with most missed classes on school level.

In schools the attendance of students is registered by teachers.  In many schools the number of classes missed is summarized and a good record is kept.  In many cases the medically certified absences are listed separately from uncertified absences.  In our understanding it is not the certificate that makes the difference.  Certified or not the high number of missed classes are signs of distress.

The attached Excel file offers a handy tool for keeping track of absenteeism and supports the selection of students with particularly high absenteeism.  It contains 4 sheets each for one form/class of students with a maximum number of 35 students per form.  (The sheets may be extended if more students are in the form but in this case the summarizing sheet must be adjusted as well.)

The sheets should be filled out by the form master or any other staff member responsible for it.  Names of students are in one column, the name of the form/class is automated in the next one (e.g. form1).  This could be changed if needed.  In the next columns the total number of missed classes should be recorded monthly.  The last column automatically sums up the missed classes.

On a school level sheet there is no need to write anything.  It takes the data from the form sheets.  By arranging the data in decreasing order it could be seen which students in which form are missing the most classes. 

If the records are maintained regularly the EWS team may have the idea if there is a pattern in absenteeism (same form, one group of students or is it spread out, is there a single group who has very high absenteeism while other students do not etc.).


  • attached excel file    and a computer to run the program (1 per school shared by EWS team members and possibly form masters)

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