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IAMTool - Tool for effective and efficient communication

The IAMTool models the improvement of communication through structured preparing a meeting wherein a subject will be tackled.

What is the IAMTool?

The IAMTool is an elementary and insightful communication instrument to help you and/or together with a group/team to prepare an effective and efficient dialogue, talk, conversation, meeting, etc. It focuses on having personal leadership in steering the communication.

In terms of the IAMTool itself, the above couple of sentences answers the question what is the ISSUE of the IAMTool?

What purpose does the IAMTool serve?

The IAMTool structures the preparation of the talk, in defining the issues at stake, the goals to be reached and the way how to deal with the matter in time.

In terms of the IAMTool itself, the above couple of sentences answer the question what is the AIM of the IAMTool?

How does the IAMTool work?

The IAMTool can be applied by simply answering a couple of questions in advance (before the meeting, talk, conversation, etc.) by envisioning the communication situation to come. It is possible to improve the IAMT envisioned by testing it in a dry run. Examples of questions to answer during preparation are: What is the talk about, what is my issue? What point do I want to make? What goal do I want to reach? What will be my approach, my line of communication, my policy in dealing with the matter? How long do I want the talk to last?

In terms of the IAMTool itself, the above couple of sentences answer the question what METHOD(ology) by applying the IAMTool?

What does time mean in the IAMTool?

The IAMTool helps you set the time frame of the communication situation. A communication situation is the specific time, place, activity and people involved in a dialogue, which make it unique. Depending on the complexity of the subject, it asks for an estimation or set time of the duration of the talk. It helps to make communication more effective and efficient.

In terms of the IAMTool itself, the above couple of sentences answer the question how much TIME do I(we) want to spend on the matter by applying the IAMTool?

What is the meaning of the acronym IAMTool?

I stands for:   Issue, Item, with synonyms and meanings like: subject, focus, matter, area of discussion, question, topic.

A stands for:  Aim, with synonyms and meanings like: purpose, goal, intention, reason, point, idea, principle, rationale.

M stands for: Method, with synonyms and meanings like: approach, tackle, line, policy,

the way to deal with the matter, for instance: bilateral talk, workshop,       presentation, meeting, brainstorming, etc.

Tool stands for: Time and the instrument (tool) as a whole, no further synonyms and meanings, this is the time you want to spend on the issue to have it sorted out.

The name of the IAMTool (pronounced as ‘I am tool’) refers to myself in the first place.

I am the one (the instrument in the communication) who is responsible for a sound communication situation. That means that it is important that I take personal leadership in preparing and executing the communication. I am the one who is accountable for steering the conversation and its content to its goal in the appropriate way in a timely manner. I am fully aware of my existence and role/position (school principal, teacher, participant, trainer, coach, project leader, wife, husband, etc.) as the base for all my communications.

So, I am tool! Cool! 

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