cooperation in school


  • Effective Communication Strategies for Teachers/Mentors

    Appropriate communication strategies are consciously and cautiously planned, adapted and chosen along the communicator’s aims, the other person perceived needs and the circumstances. The communication has verbal or written forms and adjoining non-verbal communication signs, with rules and steps of the communication strategy.

  • IAMTool - Tool for effective and efficient communication

    The IAMTool models the improvement of communication through structured preparing a meeting wherein a subject will be tackled.

  • Managing team meetings

    Meetings of the team are essential part of good team work. This is the opportunity when members can share their successes and difficulties with each other, when possible conflicts can be handled and important decisions are made.

  • Partners’ Roundtable

    Many assistance oriented institutions and organizations deal with the problems of families or children at the same time. The parallel demands are rarely joined up, require higher energy input and have inefficient impact. The school can increase its resources for the interests of the children concerned, involving the organizations and representatives of institutions working around the school.

  • Selecting team members

    Teams are to be built, they do not grow freely. The first activity in team building is to select the appropriate number and type of people for the job.

  • Steps of the case discussion

    Purpose of a case discussion: Reviewing, together with the team members, the problems related to the planning procedure of the supporting activity and case management, and also that the team could contribute to the interpretation of the personal feelings of the case-deliverer and facilitate a creative solution to the problem. The case discussion is about the case itself, that is it is all about the student in a complex...

  • The actors, elements and system of student’s support

    It is the way and attitude how we organize to support of students at risk.

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