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The actors, elements and system of student’s support

It is the way and attitude how we organize to support of students at risk.

What does student support mean?

Student support is a pedagogical thinking and approach that brings into focus students’ personality and not their performance or behavior and gives them the possibility of change and development. Supporting means to create an atmosphere in which students feel safe and are able to live and learn without anxieties. The key element of students’ support is the teacher-student relationship which is characterized by trust, acceptance and mutual respect. Teachers in this system are responsible for organizing and managing the supporting network of the student.

What does student support system mean? 

  • the center of the system is the student with his/her individual needs;
  • each student has a case-manager from among the teachers;
  • case manager is responsible for the individual development of the student, managing the personal development plan and he/she is the member of the EWS team during the development process;
  • case manager builds helping relationship with the student and provides regular helping discussions with him/her, and share the topics, dilemmas and aims of the helping relationship with the development team;
  • case manager builds and sustains relationship with all the actors of the student’s social and educational environment, cooperates with the family, teachers, classmates, friends, and all the helping institutions or persons around the student

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