Portal development concept

The presentation shows in threefoldness the essence of the conclusions of the results of needs analysis and literature review and it includes those elements that seem to be feasible and professionally sound according to the target group’s demands. The context of ESL is different not only in the member states but even at education system level too. There are more similarities at institutional level than on countries’ policy level therefore the Good practice Repository (aside from the language barriers) could be useful mostly for educational practitioners. As a consequence of it we should present good practices completed with contextual background, written in a standardized form and we should provide different content for different target groups.

1. For policy makers a comparable data collection should be created with interactive visualization that means country profiles from ESL perspective.

 2. For supporting better understanding of the complexity of ESL issues and facilitating practitioners’ own construction of their ESL knowledge the Good practice Repository should be completed with contextual background materials. During the next phase of the project personal invitation will be more effective to find good practices. Sharing them for practitioners and the gathering process – beside the partners’ job – can be supported by awarding a European prize. 

 3. Cooperation should be in the focus of the Learning Space surface. Beside a structured and searchable ESL Library here can be found professional and training materials for self-development, webinars and community functions to facilitate the cooperation among the users. The My story function presents the students’ and teachers’ voice as the most affected groups. This part of ESL Portal focuses mainly on practitioners by providing them possibility to introduce their services and to contact and co-operate each other.

Features and functions of the Learning Space on ESL

Glossary and background information: all of the content on the ESL Portal has to be embedded in or has to link with professional background materials and the explanation of the contextual factors. One of the professional products can be some Wikipedia articles, e.g. early school leaving, early warning system, transversal skills, whole school approach, second chance education, work based learning, learning outcomes approach, recognition of prior learning, lifelong guidance system…

Categories and tag-system: using an open tag-system links the different type of content as well as makes user friendly and easy-researchable the portal; the Good practice Repository and the ESL Library will have categories too.

  • Good practice Repository
  • Country profile
  • ESL Library: A researchable library with researching repost, policy papers, professional background materials, supporting and informing documents helps your work as well.
  • Glossary:and  professional background materials on wikispace compiled and edited by invited experts will help you to develop your knowledge about ESL. A tag-system will help you searching among them.
  • Training materials and/or courses: Training and other supporting materials for self-development and training will help your combat against ESL on the learning space where you can contact other school leaders, teachers, social workers, and cooperate with them online.
  • My stories:    Short videos about colourful and true stories of students and teachers to bring the problem closer and prepare emotionally for exploring real solutions.

Presentation about portal development concept

ESLplus - European Learning Space on Early School Leaving

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