The EFFeCT project - European Methodological Framework for Facilitating Teachers’ Collaborative Learning - started on the 1st of November in 2015. The project is funded by the European Commission, and coordinated by the Knowledge Centre of the Tempus Public Foundation. The project runs for a period of 2,5 years, and will be carried out with the participation of six countries: Finland, Latvia, the Czech Republic, the UK, Ireland and Hungary. The project aims to advance teachers’ learning on a systemic, regional and local level, while promoting relevant policy work.

Teachers in the 21st century need to respond to a rapidly changing environment characterized by fast technological progress, changing labour market needs and demographic changes. Evidence shows that fostering strong working relationships among teachers, as well as promoting professional collaboration between teachers and other educational stakeholders allows them to deepen their knowledge, keep their competencies up-to-date, while professional collaboration improves student outcomes as well.

The main goal of the international collaboration is to develop a  European Methodological Framework (MF)  which aims to facilitate collaborative learning of teachers and other educational stakeholders, while seeking to provide  guidelines for policymakers.

The Methodological Framework will be developed on the basis of extensive research on good practices of collaborative learning, conducted in each participating country. Later on the MF will be tested and further developed with the help of professional programs and workshops, to reach its final stage. The final product will incorporate a range of user friendly resources, guidelines and tools, designed to be used as an effective tool to foster local collaborations between teachers within and across schools; between teachers and other school staff, students and parents, institutional, local, regional and national level.

ESLplus - European Learning Space on Early School Leaving

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