individual development



  • Building rapport

    Building rapport is the first step in supporting students at risk, to develop a helping relationship with them, to realize helping discussions and to achieve results in their personal development.

  • Getting to know the student in a complex way – data collection

    Data collection is the first step of the process aimed at the personal development of the student and also of the setting up of the personal development plan. The data collection should be done with great discretion. It is a process perceiving and understanding the student from various aspects, collecting, systematizing the data collected.

  • Helping discussion

    Helping discussion with students is one of the key elements of person development process. The main aim is to support students individually in finding their own answers to their difficulties in their life and learning. But how will be a discussion helping?

  • Non-judgemental behaviour

    Non-judgemental behaviour is a way of accepting people with whom we disagree. It happens when someone adopts a non-judgmental attitude while not reflecting own biases and this attitude pervades all his/her interactions. Most of the time this means that we look at what was said instead of who said it.

  • Person-centred profile

    A Person centred profile is a short introduction to a student, which captures key information that gives the team an understanding of the student and how best to support him/her. The profile records specific detailed statements. A student may have more than one profile depending on the purpose of the profile. He/she may have one which identifies what the team needs to know about the student when at home but another for...

  • Setting up a Personal Development Plan (PDP)

    Compilation of a Personal Development Plan is a planning process, in the course of which the professionals develop the student, and the student is also made concerned during it. This is one of the basic theories and basic conditions of the successful development. There is more chance for a change and successful learning if the student is aware of what is going to happen to him/her, what he/she is expected to do, and what...

  • Steps of the case discussion

    Purpose of a case discussion: Reviewing, together with the team members, the problems related to the planning procedure of the supporting activity and case management, and also that the team could contribute to the interpretation of the personal feelings of the case-deliverer and facilitate a creative solution to the problem. The case discussion is about the case itself, that is it is all about the student in a complex...

  • Storytelling

    Short storytelling movies with early school leavers and students who had attended second chance schools or programmes. Beliefs, imaginations, opinions, stereotypes about early school leavers and student attitudes to their own situation in school can be revealed by talking about the movie.

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