Policy experimentation

Policy experimentation projects provide opportunities for ministries and stakeholders for testing – in real life situations – the implementation of innovative policies addressing European goals. The CroCoos project is a pilot policy experimentation project aiming at testing the operation of an early warning system built on cross-sectoral cooperation.

The experimentation was realised between September 2015 – December 2016 in three European countries (Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia) with the involvement of 5-5 schools per countries.

The efficacy of the piloting activities was measured with the application of the RCT methodology (randomized controlled trial). There was an input and an output evaluation carried out not only in the 5 piloting schools, but also in the control schools, and detailed reports were used to monitor that the impact of the intervention was to be visible, corrigible and measurable.

ESLplus - European Learning Space on Early School Leaving

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