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Tempus Public Foundation dissemination activities

Presentations about CroCooS


  • Preventing dropout – international research results symposium.  (14 July 2015). Agenda. Summary.
  • Evaluating impact and success for VET policies to tackle early leaving from education and training. CEDEFOP ESL Conference (21 October 2015 Brussels)  Presentation.
  • Conference of the EU policy networks (April 2016 Brussels)  Poster presentation
  •  Policy Learning Forum: VET as a solution to early leaving from education and training (May 2017 Thessaloniki)  Poster presentation


  • Presentation of CroCooS at the National Pedagogical Conference.  (8 November 2014)    Presentation.  
  • Presentation of CroCooS to the Ministry of Human Capacities.   (12 March 2015).  Presentation
  • Tackling early school leaving in Europe and in Hungary.  Euridyce Conference (4 June 2015).  Presentation.  
  • Presentation of CroCooS to the  Fodor József School Health Association.  (5 October 2016).  Presentation.
  • School  development opportunities: ways and dimensions.  OFI Conference (27 January 2016). Presentation.
  • Spring Pedagogical Days Pedagogical Education Center (13 April 2016, Miskolc). Programme.
  • Tools and opportunities to prevent dropout in VET schools. Pedagogical Education Center (09 June 2016, Szolnok). Programme. Presentation.
  • Tools and opportunities to prevent dropout. Preventing Dropout in Education Conference (opening conference of the Science Week in Dunaújváros University) (07 November 2016, Dunaújváros). Programme. Presentation.
  • Every student matters.  CroCooS results in the practice. Closing conference of HASIT project.  Dunaújváros University, Dunaújváros (30 May 2017).

Other resources

  • If you are interested in the Tempus Public Foundation own events and workshops, please, click  on this link (resources are only in Hungarian). For summaries of the workshops and conference releases, click here.
  • For the Hungarian language publications and press releases, please, click on this link.

Dissemination activities in Serbia

Scientific article

Olja Jovanović - Ljiljana Plazinić - Jelena Joksimović - Jovan Komlenac - Ana Pešikan (2017):  Developing the Early Warning System for identification of students at risk of dropping out using a collaborative action research process.  In:  Psihološka istraživanja, Vol. XX (1) 2017., pp. 107-125.  [download the acticle]

Presentations about CroCooS

  • NPM Prof. Dr. Ana Pesikan: CroCooS project and planned future cooperation on linking CroCooS practitioners from pilot school in Pozega. [link] 08 April 2016. Uzice
  • NPC Jelena Joksimovic: Presentation about CroCooS. Association of researchers in education in Serbia organized Conference “Dialogues in education”, at the Faculty of Psiholosphy, University of Belgrade. 19 April 2016. Belgrade

Meetings on the topic of ESL, mentioned CroCooS

  • Biljana Radosavljević, headmaster of the primary school “Miroslav Mika Antić”. Discussion about feasibility of different school projects during piloting in Serbia. 15. February 2015. Belgrade
  • Education Forum:  Wednesday meeting - Group of around 30 experts in different fields in education. The topic of the meeting was: “EU support for education in Serbia and the region: challenges and dilemmas”. Meeting was lead by Dr. Slobodanka Antić, and hosted by Prof. Dr. Ivan Ivić. 25. February 2015. Belgrade
  • Monitoring visit to Tempus Project Building Capacities of Serbian Agriculture Education to link with Society (CASA): Faculty of Agriculture; academics from 5 agricultural faculties in Serbia & representatives of Tempus Office Belgrade. The project  results presentation and discussion on future steps regarding links with CroCooS. 29 December 2015.
  • National meeting of the  CASA project. CASA participants inform teachers from Association of Secondary Agriculture Schools included in CASA about CroCooS project with the aim to sensitize them about the importance of student dropout and the role of teachers and school in preventing it. 01 February 2016. Novi Pazar
  • Discussion about benefits of CroCooS for Secondary Agriculture Schools with Vidoje Vukasinovic, president of the Association of Secondary Agriculture Schools. 05 March 2016. Belgrade
  • Education Forum:  Wednesday meeting - Group of around 30 experts in different fields in education. _Linking to Milica Đorđevic, special pedagogue, coordinator of the CLEAR Project. 27 April 2016. Belgrade

TV programmes

  • Local TV station Sremska:   News (1st schools’ PLA). 26 November 2015. Ruma
  • Local TV station Telemark:   News (2nd schools’ PLA). 11 April 2016. Belgrade
  • Main national TV network: RTS: Morning programme (2nd schools’ PLA). 11 April 2016. Belgrade


  • Education Forum’s  website (about main ongoing activities).

Dissemination activities in Slovenia

Presentations about CroCooS

  • Mutual presentation of the development of projects TITA and CroCooS – both are working on preventing ESL. (more times)
  • Presentations of every EU projects CPI is included in (more times). CPI, Slovenia

Meetings and conversations on CroCooS

  • Conversation: To inform schools and colleagues from SIAE, EQAVET, ERI projects about the project and its aims, objectives and activities (more times)
  • Working group on methodology for collecting data on dropout in upper-secondary schools. (more times). CPI, Slovenia
  • Verbal and written presentation on CroCooS aims, objectives and activities: to inform Ministry, to get its view on the topic and to get their support (more times). CPI, Slovenia

Dissemination activities by FSZK

Presentations about CroCooS

  • Presentation of CroCoos policy experimentation. TITA project consortium. 29 January 2015. IFÉ Lyon
  • Poster presentation. High level EU Symposium. 09-10 July 2015, Luxembourg, Luxemburg
  • General Assembly. E2C-Europe (European Association of Cities, Institues and Second Chance Schools). 18 October 2015, Mönchengladbach, Germany.


  • FSZK’s   website (about main ongoing activities and some news).

Other partners' dissemination activities

Presentations about CroCooS

Huub Friederichs - Csilla Szabó: Sharing best practices on Early School Leaving.  ESHA Biennial Conference. 19/21 October 2016. [brochure]

ESLplus - European Learning Space on Early School Leaving

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