1.2. The main steps and core content of development of an institutional EWS

Building an EWS is a complex process starting with the evolution of the commitment to prevent and reduce dropout in the institution followed by designing an operating system. The process is based on building a strategy which includes the main aims, selecting the responsible teams (e.g. EWS team) and other cooperating actors, the analysis of the current situation, as well as the milestones to be achieved. A coherent implementation/action plan is also an integral part of the process in which the main steps and the deadlines are laid down, and there are identified needs and resources, including the strengths of the staff and the necessary capacity building.

The main elements which are indispensable from a comprehensive EWS:

  • Establishing an EWS strategy and action plan in the school
  • Identifying the needs and resources: what is necessary to reach the 
  • Improving the schools’ data gathering and data processing capacity
  • Setting up a system of monitoring distress signals
  • Identifying student at risk of drop out
  • Planning adequate intervention
  • Intervention based on personal development plan (PDP)
  • Improving partnerships inside and outside of the school
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