2.1. Change management in the institution

The process of developing an EWS system is a change management action. The steps described below follow a PDCA logic.

As it has been mentioned system building is mostly arranged along questions which have to be answered by the individual schools. 

The process is seen below and we will discuss each section along these lines.

  • Goal setting
  • Situation analysis
  • Action plan
  • Intervention
  • Evaluation of the actions taken
  • Corrections, improvements

We are discussing the EWS system development on a school level but there is an alternative solution as teachers understandably often does not like to build systems but rather work with students. In this case teachers may try to work with students on the intervention level and collect information, do plans and evaluations on the individual level. In this case the system builds bottom-up and the school will have a system following two-three years of experimentation as a summary of experiences. In the following we are providing alternative questions for each step to suggest that there is no one way to build a system.

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