Nature and aim of the Guidelines

The Guidelines for developing an institutional early warning system (EWS) is intended to help the work of schools who are about to build an early warning system for preventing and reducing dropout in their institution.

Within the framework of the CroCooS project it is a supporting document for the mentors who are assisting the institutional development in the pilot schools aiming at setting up a sustainable system for preventing early school leaving and reducing dropout rates in secondary level schools

Parts of the Guidelines and linking project products:

The Guidelines covers the recommended principals and the process of building an EWS on an institutional level:

  • It presents the definition of EWS at institutional level and the philosophy behind the recommended actions;
  • Lists the main steps and core elements of building an EWS;
  • Describes the cycle of an institutional development process that is recommended for building an EWS;
  • Connects practical support elements (called tools) and give reference to theoretical background materials (called elements of the Resource Pool) to each of the steps of the EWS building process.

The Guidelines is available in English, Serbian, Slovenian and Hungarian. The Guidelines is supported by a Toolkit and the Resource Pool available online and are linked to each other by tagging.

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