2.6. Evaluation of the actions taken

  • Have we achieved the action plan goals in time?
  • What worked and what did not?
  • Is there a need for adjustment (goals, activities, process, staffing, timing)?
  • Is there a need to adjust anything in the school strategy?

Setting goals and planning worth nothing if there is no follow up evaluation of the interventions performed. The system operates in the desirable cyclic manner if a systematic checking of achievements is introduced.

The results must be measured along the success criteria hammered out in action plans. If the goals are well worded the results can be measured or observed in one way or another. The evaluation of actions should be done by the actions reported to be finished or at the deadlines at the latest.

We suggest, however, to take a look at how things are going during the action plan period as well. This is to ensure that possible failures or inadequacies may be detected as early as possible and not at the end only.

Would the EWS team find that the actions taken along the plan are not yielding the results expected or it seems that achieving the desired goals would take more time the plans should be adjusted? It is possible to change the goals, the tasks, the scope or quantity of resources and even the responsible leader or the deadline during the intervention. This is wise planning and not failure. Failure is if we find out that goals were not achieved after the deadline.

On students level the key question to ask is „what worked and what did not?” This has to be answered by the team who is working with the student because teachers and other experts have their own way of dealing with students and finding good solutions are often like gold digging - a lot of seemingly useless work is involved before finding something precious. Evaluation by the team is to find out what has to be adjusted and what has to be followed in the future. By no means should it be judgmental to either.

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