3. Connecting the Guidelines, the Toolkit and the Resource Pool: list of key words used for tagging

The Guidelines, the supporting Toolkit and the Resource Pool is available on http://crocoos.tka.hu following a simple registration.

The content of the Guidelines, the Toolkit and the Resource Pool are linked to each other by thematic tagging. Below is the list of key words used for connecting the elements of the mentioned supporting items.

As it is described in the introduction the Guidelines is devoted to giving a framework support for building an early warning system on institutional level.

The Resource Pool is an online, systemized collection of theoretical background materials including research reports, strategic documents, studies, abstracts of studies etc.

The Toolkit is an online collection of practical help that maybe applied in the school. The Toolkit integrates an online community where the experiences of using the elements of the toolkit can be shared with each other, feedback to and support from the developers can be provided/demanded. The Toolkit will be continuously enriched according to schools, EWS teams further needs and also build upon the project partners good practical solutions. Below you can find the "starting" Toolkit elements as they relates to the subchapters and also the connected tags.

English language thematic tags are:


effective communication


accepting others' opinion

EU policy



getting to know students

school leader level

classroom management

grade repetition

situation analysis

cooperation in school

individual development

social context of ESL

cross-sectoral cooperation

institutional level

student at risk

data collection


student with low achievement

distress signals

low motivation

students behaviour



teacher / team level

early warning system

non-violent communication

trusting relationship

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